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Introducing your Narrator, and a Message

By an overwhelming vote, CHARLES HUBBELL won and he's performing phenomenally. He's a former performer like me so he takes direction very well. His distinct characters and narrations are enjoyable. I love him and I know you will too, Jode Seekers.

We're already at the audiobook's halfway mark on this second edition.

And, he wants to do the entire series!

Two other notes. Despite the BookLife Prize giving my prose a high rating, stating, "... the novel utilizes and identifies, to good effect, vocabulary unique to the fictional universe." the dialects will disappear in "THE JODE: Part 3: Ygl & the Dwarf." Yep, it's happening and, yep, that's the third book's title. The change has been interesting. Inner Earth remains, well, quirky. Let me know how you feel about this.

Please let your fantasy friends know about the crazy series: https://www.pjselarom.com/books

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