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"Free" is for you. June sale! Audio and eBook.

Jode Seekers, to celebrate June, my audio and eBooks are on #sale! Do you like "Free"?

Let your friends know!

"Part 1: Gen. Ygl the Genie" is #FREE:

The audiobook on #AppleBooks (all month)!

The #eBook on Amazon (June 1-5):

For $5! The #audiobooks:

"Gen. Ygl & the Genie":

"Part 2: Awakenings Reckoning":

The paperback is less than $5 on Amazon. You can also get it at Barnes & Noble, just go through Goodreads via my Book page.

The audiobooks are also on #ITunes #audible #BingeBooks #Libro #Kobo & #Scribd

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